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A goal of The Infant Feeding Series is to provide health care providers and nutrition educators a guide to help limited-income pregnant women and mothers of infants to delay the early introduction of solid foods and reduce the risk of early childhood overweight.

The Guide for Infant Feeding: Introduction of Solid Foods was developed by using existing data and focus group research conducted with limited-income mothers throughout Michigan. In the focus group sessions, mothers reported about their beliefs and practices regarding introducing solid foods to their infants. Focus groups were also conducted with health care providers, including pediatricians, nurses, Michigan Department of Community Health Women, Infants, and Children nutritionists and social workers, and MSU Extension instructors and staff. The resulting data were used to develop strategies for helping mothers introduce solid foods when infants are developmentally ready.

The guide and the five accompanying handouts are for use with pregnant mothers or mothers/caregivers with new infants. These documents will help mothers and caregivers:
  • understand the reasons to delay the early introduction of solid foods
  • give breast milk or formula to their infant
  • follow the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics to introduce solid foods to infants between the ages of 4 and 6 months
18 posters were created for waiting areas or waiting rooms to help prompt mothers to ask providers for information on when to give their infants solid foods.

Note: A solid food is defined as anything other than breast milk or formula.

Guide for Infant Feeding: Introduction of Solid Foods
Instructions on How to Use the Guide
Handout 1 Feeding Solid Foods to Your Baby: What Every Parent Should Know
Handout 2 Feeding Your Baby – Zero to Six Months
Handout 3 Helping Your Baby Feel Calm
Handout 4 Plan for Feeding My Baby
Handout 5 Health Concerns for Feeding Solid Foods Too Early

Posters by Category and Infant’s Racial Ethnic Identity:

“Giving your baby cereal too early increases her/his chance of developing an allergy or diabetes”
African American Boy Poster
African American Girl Poster
Asian American Boy Poster
White Boy Poster
White Girl Poster

“You’re doing the best thing for your baby if you don’t give her/him cereal too early”
African American Boy and Mother Poster
African American Boy and Father Poster
Asian American Girl and Mother Poster
Ethnic Boy and Mother Poster
Ethnic Girl and Mother Poster
Hispanic Boy and Father Poster
Hispanic Girl and Father Poster

“A baby’s tummy is only the size of her/his fist.”
African American Boy Poster
White Girl Poster
White Girl and Mother Poster

“Giving your baby cereal doesn’t help her/him sleep through the night.”
Sleeping African American Boy Poster
Sleeping White Girl Poster
Yawning African American Girl Poster

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